2022.01.29 07:26 cesspoolmessiah Yikes

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2022.01.29 07:26 Pupplebrew Do you think my eyes are green? I've always been a little confused.

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2022.01.29 07:26 Fezish What will it take for you to buy another game from EA? Let alone Dice.

At this point I think most of EA games have been garbage and shells of what once was, they’ve even managed to ruin FIFA and Madden, with the exception of apex (that was great but still didn’t hold me long) I’m just absolutely done with EA, gread. New star was games? Pft no chance they don’t care about what you want, just $$
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2022.01.29 07:26 lilhatchet69 Jonah Hill represent 💪💪

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2022.01.29 07:26 pawsowoar Japan cuts quarantine for those entering country from 10 days to seven

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2022.01.29 07:26 ght17 A wise man once said

"the best five things in the world are three : food and sex"
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2022.01.29 07:26 ANSHULisop COVID INTENSIFIES!!!

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2022.01.29 07:26 uceov KTM 500 EXC, enduro/road riding, serviced every 2-3 rides is this enough?

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2022.01.29 07:26 WhitePhatAss I really want to have a girlfriend who’s a markswoman like Lara Croft. What is the best way to meet one of them? And where?

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2022.01.29 07:26 Aquifersou 🎊$50 GIVEAWAY🎊. UPVOTE ⬆️ + DROP YOUR SOL WALLET 🔥 CHECK COMMENTS 👇

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2022.01.29 07:26 Wolf3D_2 Low Fps In Minecraft

Hello, i would like to say that when i play Minecraft, on a normal world i get more fps than on an island world. Like on normal i get 45 fps and on an island i get 20, with the same settings. Is this normal? the only way i can repair my fps is turning off all of my particles, witch gives me +10fps. I thought being on an island give u more fps,i mean,logically,theres not that much to load in, so i thought it would be better for the pc. And so im asking,is being on an island and having less fps than on a default world normal? And if its not, can i fix it?
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2022.01.29 07:26 nub_Alu (OC)Layla balls🥶👍😬😳🌚🌚🌚

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2022.01.29 07:26 Instinct_Gohan A little rant

Why in the fuck do they not add hardcore so we can play it every time we want. It is by far the best gamemode to level up your guns and it didnt come back in a month. Every 3 days i am hoping that its the next mode comming but still nothing
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2022.01.29 07:26 Ihti0 H, what are you doing?

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2022.01.29 07:26 yerba_mate_enjoyer Fuck the IMF

Just feel like saying this. They basically pander to countries with extremely abusive government spending and tyrannical tendencies such as mine (Argentina) and allow said governments to increase fiscal deficit even more, create more inflation, and overall just fuck over the taxpayers more and more. Instead of trying to regulate governments with the threat of default, and force them to have healthy fiscal policies that don't fuck over their people, they just literally tell them "yeah it's fine you can borrow more money you just gotta pay us in 10 years", and so on.
Yeah, that.
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2022.01.29 07:26 Physical_Ordinary_41 “Get junior” glitch

I know you all must be tired of hearing about this glitch, I am stuck at the end of the game, waiting to go to new game plus after doing it all plus dlc’s but I can’t, as I have to “get junior”. But when I go to the arena, there isn’t a thing there, absolutely nothing, is there anything I can do to fix this? Note: I’m way too far to load from a save before this quest
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2022.01.29 07:26 spinodal Solved Bluetooth problems on 2018 MacMini

I was having really annoying problems with my Bluetooth connection on my MacMini. Listening to music from a Bluetooth speaker was like a nightmare. I thought it is interfering with other devices and turned off everything in the room. But it did not help. At last, I figured out the problem. I was using a USB extension that connects to MacMini by USB. I bought a new one that connects through USB-C/Thunderbolt. Now everything works fine. No problem about Bluetooth connections.
I am sharing this because I searched this issue a lot. Hope this helps someone else.
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2022.01.29 07:26 Ree-Ko Madelaine Petsch

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2022.01.29 07:26 Dradog2002 I was messing around with some editor tools and made my SEC deep fried(please meme this)

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2022.01.29 07:26 Blue_Knight_77 Welcome to r/starcraft2, a Subreddit where you can get TV advice

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2022.01.29 07:26 floowito Hey, i want buy this but i dont know if his real or no, have you an opinion ?

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2022.01.29 07:26 KIAARA_786 Watch "Baby Photoshoot Ideas With Teddy Bear | Teddy Day Theme Baby Photoshoot | Velentine Week Ideas | DIY" on YouTube

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2022.01.29 07:26 Jo21_brl Iemand drop box kopen dm voor info

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2022.01.29 07:26 icyeupho Little sister for Aubrey?

We need a name to compliment our firstborn Aubrey Elizabeth. We have our boy name picked out: Nathan "Nate" Alexander.
We're pretty stumped, especially since we picked out our first baby's name so easily. Kathleen was my MIL and we would love to get a k name on her honor.
Also don't want something totally completely out there.
Some likes, not loves are:
Bonnie (maybe a middle)
Some already vetoed:
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2022.01.29 07:26 Waaswaa [WP] Having spent the last week finishing an article, you now try resting your mind watching dumb youtube videos. You skip most of them before half of them are finished. Then you see this self-help video. You click on it.

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