[TASK] Help me fix my printer - $8 AUD

2022.01.29 07:59 mitch_conner_ [TASK] Help me fix my printer - $8 AUD

My PIXMA MP550 printer stopped working and states 'B200 Printer error has occured. Unplug the power cord and contact the service center'. Tried googling the answer but couldn't find anything that works. Stopped working when ink became low and we purchased two lots of replacements which hasn't helped.
Not very tech savvy and need someone to guide me through either on Reddit chat or via whatsapp video chat (if easienecessary).
Live in Australia - currently 10pm, and would like someone to help tomorrow morning sometime between 9-12am EST Australia.
Will transfer via Paypal $8 AUD once issue is resolved.
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2022.01.29 07:59 bamboumortel Leviathans on my game be like :

Leviathans on my game be like :
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2022.01.29 07:59 Cheddle User comfort feature request: hand-oriented locomotion and move speed slider

hey devs! really amazed by the game so far! but I am really struggling with the headset oriented locomotion! I can see how for a swordsman it works better in combat but for exploring and looking around at the beautiful environment, in a natural way (head and body not aligned) its really not ideal - many games implement a toggle for headset based or controller based locomotion where by the thumb stick input is relative to either the headset or the controller direction. I really hope that this can be implemented quickly :-) but there is some nuance in getting it right for when the user is pointing their hand directly down... (perhaps an axis offset on the forward direction would be the trick?)
One other feature that can help make the experience more comfortable (and more realistic) is a move speed slider, this set a maximum speed for the 'walk' that is lower than the default, sprinting speed is usually independent - basically instead of the default move speed being a 'jog' the user can set it to a 'walk'. Just a suggestion that could benefit some users that should not be very difficult to implement.
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2022.01.29 07:59 tbyrn21 The A-League clubs all go to a house party. Whats happening there?

You've seen this format floating around by now but its the A-League's turn.
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2022.01.29 07:59 Key-Zookeepergame398 Mega energy prices: Designated leader of the Greens announces quick help

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2022.01.29 07:59 NUCLEAR_SCOPER How can this print improve( Tronxy P802ma, eSun PLA, 200c extruder, 60c bed, 0.4mm nozzle, Cura Slicer)

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2022.01.29 07:59 Xalct Anybody know why Apple Music takes up all this storage? I used to use Apple Music and downloaded a lot of music. My subscription to Apple Music expired and I switched to Spotify. I deleted the Apple Music app… why is it still taking up this much storage?

Anybody know why Apple Music takes up all this storage? I used to use Apple Music and downloaded a lot of music. My subscription to Apple Music expired and I switched to Spotify. I deleted the Apple Music app… why is it still taking up this much storage? submitted by Xalct to iPhoneXR [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 07:59 Snuffl3s7 Coach Kim potentially fired by DRX

This came out of nowhere, but on the LCK broadcast there was a segment where Wolf and Valdes explained that Coach Kim was, at least temporarily, removed from his position as head coach.
Pretty early on the season to be making such a move, and poses a lot of questions as to what's going on behind the scenes.
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2022.01.29 07:59 anax44 An upcoming British edition of ‘Capitalism and Slavery’ makes news, but the Caribbean has always known the book’s worth · Global Voices

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2022.01.29 07:59 hj0353 "Masters Thesis : Cartoon Style Transfer in Faces using Generative Adversarial Networks", Cheryl Huang 2021

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2022.01.29 07:59 iium2000 My Entitled Neighbour; and the entitled me.. Wait, WHAT?! Am I also the butthole?!

I hesitated telling this story on this group (on this subreddit) because the entitlement goes both ways, and I did stuff to him that also makes me the bad guy as well..
I am from Thailand but I was raised in the Middle East as an Arab.. I was bullied during my primary and my middle school but I became a bully in my secondary (high) school - and a very good one, if I may add..
I am saying this for you to know who you are dealing with , because too often people take the side of the person whom they know, or take the side of the person who is telling the story when he/she is probably in the wrong..
Just know; that there is always 3 sides of the story; this side, the other side and the truth.. Having said that, my story with this entitled neighbour started in 2014 and it is still ongoing, I think..

I live in a 100+ years old house.. My late father was born in that house, and he died 24 years ago at the age of 73 years old; so do the maths.. My mom believes that it is at least 120 years old because my late grandfather had built the house when he was in his 20s, at least 20 years before he started his family..
I currently sleep on a 70+ years old bed of which my mom claims that my late father was conceived on that bed..
So, yeah!! I don't have control over that fact but the bed is a strong and sturdy that was built in a time when people had the free time and the skill to add beautiful artwork of leaves and roses on the wood;
with a brand new bed mattress, of course..

Unfortunately, the house was left abandoned for 30 years as my family was spread across the globe seeking education and employment from Malaysia to Sweden.. and during those 30 years of absence, the neighbours took advantage of the empty house and empty yard -- some using it as a parking lot for their cars, as a place to store heavy steel beams for construction, and one neighbour used the house to open a café WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION before we forced him to close shop..
We regularly paid the city tax and we regularly had to kick out some homeless people out of that house.. The house was once the only house in a vast open field some 100 years ago, but it is now in the heart of the city - the city capitol of our province in southern Thailand..

Today, it is located in a very busy commercial district in the old side of the city, and people often park their cars in front of my house during the peak hours of the day.. and because of that, we decided to turn part of the house into a garage because it was so hard to find a nearby parking during those peak hours..
A garage with windows, a side bedroom, a ceiling fan and an air-conditioning..
It was in late 2013, when my mom and I have decided to live together under one roof of my ancestral home.. We started by moving her stuff from the Middle East via air cargo, and then it was my turn to move my stuff on my car from my rented house in another town..
During one trip, my 1995 Honda Civic broke down in the middle of the road just before midnight filled with expensive stuff inside the car (TV, computers etc..) and we had to spend a night at a police/army checkpoint for safety..
My mom forced me to buy a brand new 2014 Chevy Cruze the very next week..

That car was amazing, I managed to carry most of my furniture on that car: my 2 king size beds (dismantled, of course), my piano, my washing machine, my 3 air-conditioning units and my IKEA stuff without the need to hire a truck or a trailer; although, I had to throw away or donate away many of my old stuff, like old bed mattresses and one old fridge..
It was during one of those journeys that I had my first clash with my entitled neighbour..

That day was in mid 2014, and I had just driven some 800km (or about 500 miles) almost non-stop in a car filled with my stuff.. My brand new Chevy Cruze was so full, that the back windows and the trunk (the boot) needed to be left open with some of my stuff protruding out of the car.. Also, some of my cooking pans were at my mom's feet, and I had stuff next to my feet under my seat throughout the journey..
I came about to my house, and the front of the house was filled with parked cars and with one ugly rusty pick-up truck blocking the entrance to my garage.. The 1980s Toyota Hilux pick-up that was definitely my neighbour's..

I was both mentally and physically exhausted, and now I was extremely annoyed because THREE of those cars in front of my house belonged to one neighbour FOUR houses down the street..
Again, he lives 4 houses away, and I am not sure whether the definition of "neighbour" should be applied here; I mean, how much distance do you need before you can stop calling someone with that title?!

And there were not nice cars to look at; He worked in odd jobs from home repairs (a handyman) to being a street food vendor (a cook): so one ugly brown van carrying stuff to repair the A/C and some welding stuff, one rusty 1980s Toyota Hilux pick-up truck with rusted portable seats and tables and some cooking pans, and one early 2000s Honda Accord with a broken headlight..
At least one of those three cars would be parked in front of my house 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, but on that day, all the three were in front of my house with exactly ZERO cars parked in front of his house..
He had done this several times in the past, and I had asked him repeatedly to NEVER do that again because he could have perfectly parked ALL his crap in front of his house - again, 4 houses away down the street (I cannot emphasize that last part enough!!)

But the fact that the street is a public street, I didn't think that I had the legal standing to order him to park elsewhere.. However this time, he had the audacity to park in front of the gates into my garage effectively blocking the path of 2 of my cars..
- "THAT SONOVA!!" My mom saw how visibly upset I was, so she ordered me to remain in the car; and she quickly stepped out of the car running 4 houses down the street and in front of my car.. btw, she ran and finished a marathon in her 60 years of age, so don't worry much about her..
Naturally, there were no cars parked in front of his house; and I could see him from my car as he was coming out from his house in his pyjamas.. The entitled neighbour and my mom stood there for 3-4 long minutes talking while I was waiting impatiently inside the car, and wondering WHAT THE DUCK IS GOING ON?!..
I was effectively blocking the street and cars had to move around me with some difficulty.. So I finally moved my car forward towards them and I came out wondering what the DUCK was going on?!.. I saw the terror on the face of my mom and the satisfaction look on my neighbour's face; when she answered in the local Malay language:
- "Please do not lose your temper with him; he JUST told me that people here often get stabbed (with a knife) for talking impolitely.."
I was surprised but not at all shocked.. I had applied the same tactic on other entitled people in the past; and my mom has every right to be concerned about me; even though my mom and I had never lived together under the same roof for 30 years since I left the house at the age of 18 years old..
She knew how much bully I can be if I really put my mind into it..

I immediately returned to my car, and I took out a sword (a long machete or a panga) from the front driver's seat and I came at him in a fast pace (almost running).. He was and rightfully should be terrified when I came at him holding the long machete.. He asked me with wide opened eyes what I was doing with it.. and I casually replied:
- "Have you seen my sword (Padang)? It's brand new!! I just bought it at a bargain price of 128 Malaysian Ringgits.. No one can stab me with a knife, at least, not while I have this thing on me; see?!"
I knew EXACTLY what type of a cowardice weasel he was;
This was not the first time that we politely asked him to remove his cars from the entrance of our garage (I had plenty of photos on my phone at different times of the day).. and in each of those times, he would complain that we had woke him up from deep sleep - suggesting that WE WERE the bad neighbours for waking him up when he had to work all day and all night for living..
But in my mind.. He had crossed the line by threatening my mom with stabbing directly or indirectly.. So I pulled my sword from its scabbard on him.. It was an inexpensive show piece (a collectable) and was never used for anything but pretending to be a samurai or a pirate.. It is still is in 2022..
I did some moves with some childish sounds from my mouth "Voosh voosh!! Waaa!! Hiyaaaa!!" ; before I put the sword away; and I ordered him to move his stupid pick-up away from my garage.. immediately..

This incident started a short period in 2014 of what I would call it a cold war; he would still park at least one of his cars in front of my house 24/7, and then he would escalate with long periods of keeping the engine on, in the early morning hours of 6 to 7am while my mom and I were having breakfast..
OH, I'VE GOT TO TELL YOU MORE ABOUT THIS ONE.. There was some distance between his cars and my front gate, and between the front gate to my front door and the windows of my kitchen/dining room..
But he would rev the engine and put out some loud Thai music during breakfast time as if he was telling us that he had every right to be there; and he will always be there regardless whether I had my sword on me or not..
I retaliated..
One time by playing some Quran on my Altec Lansing PC very loud speakers, one time by emptying the content of my vacuum cleaner directly in front of his car (still inside my property behind the gate), few times by snapping a picture of him in his car with my phone-camera with my extended arm aimed at him; and finally by pointing my video camera with flood light at him at 6am in the morning..
When I was talking to my other neighbours, I often referred to him as the Son of a four-legged-animal that barks "woof woof!!"; and I knew very well that my words would eventually reach him.. or at the very least, to his mother and to his siblings..
They knew what he did to piss me off, but they would give me some standard speeches about forgiveness and turning the other cheek, yada yada; especially when Ramadan and the Hajj season were coming around the corner..
So finally, several months later but still in 2014, the day came when he called the police on me.. OoooOOH BOY!! hold on to your seats, buckaroos and buckeroos!!
This is where I fired the first shot to start a war..

Since my mom and I moved back to the old house, I only had one rule; please do not make me go out after 6 pm on the weekend.. It would get harder and harder to bring the car around into the garage with so much traffic moving in front of my house (cars, motorbikes, regular bikes, pedestrians, children playing, free-moving sheep and goats, cats and some occasional horses and horse-carriages);
but my mom had expressed some desire for some Arabian food earlier that afternoon; and that particular Arabian food-place only opens after sunset at a considerable driving distance.. and unfortunately, they do not do home deliveries..

At 4pm, I parked my 1995 Honda Civic outside at the entrance to my garage..
At 8pm after sunset, I came out; and I took exactly 10 minutes to bring the order back home.. and sure enough!! my entitled neighbour with his early 2000s Honda Accord was parked in front of the gates to my house..
At least 3 people were sitting inside the car and were listening to the loud music with the engine on to keep the A/C on..
I came from behind.. I honked.. and I flashed my headlight few times to get their car removed.. but nothing, no response.. There was an empty parking space just ahead but the occupants kept looking behind at my car, and refusing to move few feet ahead to clear the path..
So now, I was blocking the traffic, and I could only imagine the people behind me were getting annoyed as well.. So 1 minute later, I moved the car to the empty space right in front of his Honda Accord, and I moved my car backward, my Honda Civic, to few inches of his front bumper..

It is true that I wanted to send a message by putting my car few centimetres (few inches) from his; and in 2014, My 1995 Honda Civic was equipped with an after-market reversing/parking sensors that goes beeeeeeeeeeeeeep!! when you are too close to the car behind..
He and his 2 buddies jumped-out of the car claiming that I hit their car, even though I was pretty sure that I didn't.. and also.. I drove my car backward very slowly that it was hardly a bump, a hit.. or A SMOOCH, if any!!

The entitled neighbour came to me laughing in victory calling on his phone:
- "I got you now, I am calling the police on you; hahaha!! Boy, you're in trouble now!!.. Hello?! it is me; please bring Mat and Din with you to my house.. Someone wants to pick a fight with me.. yes, he is AT MY HOUSE.. YES AT MY HOUSE, come quickly!!.."
He sounded like a child threatening me with his daddy or with the headmaster; so I dared him:
- "Go ahead call your buddy policemen on me, I dare you!!"
and I can hear my mom yelling from the house:
- "[my name] !! What have you done?!"

3 policemen came on 2 ordinary motorbikes; one of them was carrying an automatic rifle behind his back for some reason.. I played a lot of CS:GO but I do not know much about guns; it looked like an M16 rifle, but I am not sure..
I let my entitled neighbour do the explaining, and one of the cops used a large torch light to see the alleged damage on both cars - SPOILER ALERT!! they were NONE!!
My car was 2 finger away from his car (1.5 inches or 3-4 centimetres apart).. I told them that I had spent a good amount of money installing the parking sensors that goes beep beep!! because I keep having a recurrent nightmare of hitting a small child or a small cat while reversing..

His police "friends" were puzzled, they looked angry and they outright asked my entitled neighbour:
- "what is it exactly you want us to do?! there is hardly any damage to speak of!!"
They were genuinely upset because they had just spent hours guarding an IED on side of the road (an actual crime scene) and they were exhausted, hungry and hung-over when he called them over..
He pointed (I SWEAR TO GOD); my entitled neighbour pointed his finger to the broken headlight of which I immediately shouted at him holding my 7.7 inches phablet at them:
- "DUCK YOU, BUTTHOLE!! HERE IS THE PICTURE OF YOUR CAR 2 DAYS EARLIER AND IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!!" He had nothing!! Zero, zilch, zip, nada, only kaka!! Like a puppy standing next to a pile of poop!!
I on the other hand, had plenty of evidence on my Samsung 7.7 inches phablet (phone + tablet); I have plenty of pictures of him parking his 3 cars in front of my gate and the entrance of my garage, and I have 2 videos of him blasting loud music and revving his car(s) at 6 or 7am in the morning in front of my house EVEN THOUGH he lives 4 houses down the street..
Shaking their heads - those three policemen; they GAVE ME a standard speech of neighbours should be nice and respectful to one another - and they were clearly biased to help my entitled neighbour, and to appease him..
This is before 2 familiar faces came along..

My mom - God bless her!! and while she was changing clothe, she frantically called her cousin and her husband for help.. for support.. for recue!!.. The moment the policemen saw those 2, they gave the 2 a police solute from a distance..
I knew that my relatives were VIPs and had worked at the governor's office at some capacity, but even I was surprised by this sudden turn of events..

My mom's cousin cited some city regulation or some local ordinance that the home-owner had every right to ask people to remove their car in front of their homes.. The 3 policemen confirmed to the fact; and I was shocked to learn that such rule even existed, so I immediately jumped into the opportunity and I said:
- "In this case, I want him to remove THIS CAR and THAT VAN away from my house immediately!! I NEVER want to see any of his cars in front of my house EVER AGAIN!!"..
My entitled neighbour was horrified; and he even dared to ask the policemen whether he could park one car in front of my house; of which I answered for them "Absolutely not!!".. and the policemen pointed their hands at me gesturing YEAH, IT IS WHAT HE SAYS!!

But I wasn't done just yet.. We were yelling at each other for most of the time and a large gathering of neighbours came over to satisfy their curiosity.. Soon we were surrounded by elderly men and women, and children..
Defeated, the entitled neighbour moved his cars one by one; while the policemen were chatting with my mom and with her VIP cousins at a distance.. and I stood next to my car waiting for a clear path..
One elderly woman asked what was going on, and I spilled all the beans, I let the dam explode and release the flood water, and I let my heart shout in anger without any thinking nor censorship: He threatening my mom with stabbing.. He coming to rev his engine and to play loud music at 6am every morning in front of my house.. and he lying about me hitting his car and breaking his front headlights..
I was surrounded by at least 12 people (not counting the children), and I kept referring to the entitled neighbour as the SON OF the four-legged-animal-that-barks "woof woof!!" before FINALLY one of those people stopped me in mid-sentence:
- "Doctor!! This is his mother who is asking!!"
It was a DICK move and I did not apologize for what I said (Even bigger dick move).. I quickly got into my car fully embarrassed shouting Sheeeeeiiiiiittt!! to myself.. The kind people helped me to bring the car around into the garage.. and..
and that was the end of it..
I can only imagine the conversation that he had with his mother; while my own mom still advises me against being rude to people; but.. I am a very practical man and a very impatient man..
I do not like wasting time..

He sometimes comes to rev and to play some loud music in front of my house for few seconds but he never parked there for more than an hour or two (probably once or twice a month) since 2014; and he must have sold 2 of his 3 cars during the pandemic because I no longer see his Honda Accord and his Toyota Hilux..
I still see him giving me the stink-eyes 4 houses away; and his ugly dark-brown van is still a huge eye sore to anyone who comes to our street..
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2022.01.29 07:59 futureanalytica The ___________ approach uses the knowledge of mathematics and engineering.

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2022.01.29 07:59 sato-9 Gucci Penis Holster

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2022.01.29 07:59 RyboXBL Anthony Barry could be joining Lampard's coaching staff - previous everton academy

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2022.01.29 07:59 Joki07 Sound issue xbox one

Today there was no sound from my controllers to my headset. Tried different headsets and controllers, but the sound is just gone. I have not changed any settings or cables etc. Anyone havet any idea what to do?
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2022.01.29 07:59 goodwallboy Meet The “How Can She Slap” Guy

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2022.01.29 07:59 Janni10xx Meine Eltern sind bis Montag nicht zu Hause was soll ich machen?

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2022.01.29 07:59 youvcan What does it mean by "Life operates in reverse action to entropy. Therefore the universe is hostile to life. Progress is a continued effort to swim against the stream." ????

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2022.01.29 07:59 admiral4star Holup you again

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2022.01.29 07:59 Strange-Influence-27 Info

Che ne pensi di perl per iniziare a imparare qualcosa?
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2022.01.29 07:59 Nevulo Nevuletter, a programming newsletter with posts aimed at improving your knowledge on programming concepts and other helpful content for developers and those starting out - would love to hear your thoughts

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2022.01.29 07:59 No-Reputation7001 I'm trying to do tapp's hide challenge not bm :(

After trying to get it for like 5 matches I finally got this annoying challenge done but a dumbass mikaela thought i was hiding on purpose and got real petty refusing to let me heal her and teabagging me on hook till I died. 20 seconds 10 metres from the killer is AGES in a fast paced match and unfortunately this one snowballed super quick. I wish people would use their brains and understand some players aren't hiding on purpose we're trying to get a shitty challenge done (anyone remember the 'escape without being hooked with spine chill one???)
Anyone had similar experiences with this challenge or any others which make you look like an asshole?
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2022.01.29 07:59 ToastedTruffle Abandoned

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2022.01.29 07:59 BullyMaguire_13 Instagram Bios

What's the perfect Insta bio you read in a while ?
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