Blackbeard Theories: An Explanation for his Jolly Roger, the 3 Skulls and 4 Crossbones

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2021.11.30 00:47 Maegor_Targ Blackbeard Theories: An Explanation for his Jolly Roger, the 3 Skulls and 4 Crossbones

Blackbeard Theories: An Explanation for his Jolly Roger, the 3 Skulls and 4 Crossbones In short, the three skulls represent the 3 people who constitute Marshal D. Teach. The 8 crossbones tips are Oda's foreshadowing for Blackbeard's Next Devil Fruit: Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi. Each tip indicates the head of the Orochi.

The Blackbeard Pirates' flag (Jolly Roger)
He will "complete" his flag when he gets the last Devil Fruit.

Oda's foreshadowing for Blackbeard's Next Devil Fruit: Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi.
With regard to history there may be an indirect connection between Kurozumi Orochi and Marshall D. Teach. In Chapter 965, Kurozumi Higurashi, the former user of Mane Mane no Mi, says she left the island of Wano (was chased) and that she came into contact with several people, and end up getting the Devil Fruit Orochi. While demonstrating the powers of her own Devil Fruit she transforms into SHIKI.

Either Kurozumi Higurashi stole the fruit or Shiki gave the fruit to her, but either way Shiki has information that Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi is in Wano. Blackbeard will complete his Jolly Roger when he gets this last fruit.
I think the idea for Marshall D. Teach background was that his mentor was Shiki, he taught BlackBeard how to use the skills of that Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit. The current user Kurozumi Orochi only has the fruit and not used in combat so the story doesn't get repetitive, but the mythological being Yamata no Orochi is amazing. This fruit is only uses to survive for now, but when the Teach has the skills of this fruit, we'll see it being used in combat.
We will see, when Blackbeard attacks Wano, that he has the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi information, and it will actually the second indication of the connection between Blackbeard and Shiki, the indication that we have in the manga so far is that Teach had the information beforehand of the existence of Level 6 of Impel Down, and of the extremely strong Pirates that were supposed to be hidden from the World.

BlackBeard only got a Shichibukai position (this position by itself is a great feat) to have \"access\" to Impel Down level 6
It was revealed that Shiki was the only fugitive from level 6 in history. BlackBeard went straight to level 6 and that level is secret, no one outside the navy knows about it, and Blackbeard's knew, because he was trained by the only pirate in history who escaped from there, Shiki. Because of the movie with Shiki, I don't know if they'll keep this backgroud, but the black beard was certainly trained by someone close to Shiki, and he came to meet him, and receive information from level 6, which has many famous and strong pirates. And with that information, he now knows how he can get a very strong crew.
The idea of Shiki being the mentor of Marshall D. Teach was planned since the Arc of Impel Down, Blackbeard's plan (after catching the fruit of darkness) was to be able to heist Impel Down and recruit pirates AT LEVEL 6
To choose the first fruit to eat, Marshall D. Teach had to think of fruit that would "set apart" the people who compose himself. To make sure he avoid the fatal consequence of get the power of a second Devil Fruit. Blackbeard discovered that he could separate with the use of the Yami Yami no mi (denying the power of the Akumas no Mi apply on him).
Yami Yami no Mi can cancel the ability of the Devil Fruit.
This is why BlackBeard had to wait all those years for Yami Yami no Mi, he has no alternative but to eat this akuma no mi first.
Eating a second Devil Fruit is fatal, regardless of whether the body is considered "strange". If it were a matter of body resistance, for sure, Big Mom, Kaido and Whitebeard could handle eating a second fruit.
In Marinford Marshall D. Teach managed to separate himself temporarily from other people and got the second fruit power, the WhiteBeard Akuma no Mi

BlackBeard covered Newgate's body, to hide him separating
The "body" that obtained Whitebeard's Devil Fruit was separate, without the power of the Yami Yami no Mi, and then he won't suffer the consequences of having a second power from a second Devil Fruit.
I think the body of BlackBerd has a mechanism similar to the Mane Mane no Mi. Marshall D. Teach can only swap body parts between the three people that make him.

In chapter 187 or Episode 115: Bon Clay makes a montage with parts of the face, taking Ussop's Nose and the rest of his own face.
I think the the mechanism is similar for Blackbeard, there are 3 people and they swap parts. This give a margin to explain his teeth changing all the time. He can combine the 3 sets of teeth (bottom) with the 3 sets of teeth (top) in different ways.
Like BlackBeard did in Chapter 577 or Episode 486 with the combining powers of the Gura Gura no Mi, in one hand, and the powers of the Yami Yami no Mi, in the other hand, at the Arch of Marineford.
There is an indication that Blackbeard is more than one person in Chapter 225.
This is an indication that Marshal D. Teach is more than one person in the same body, this explains why he never sleeps. Marshall D. Teach is 3 people combined and the 3 Skulls in his Jolly Roger is an indication of that. I think a combination of akumas no mi users, "joined" three people and created Marshall D. Teach. There is already in One Piece some akuma no mi that can "joined" people, like Ope Ope no Mi, Gocha Gocha no Mi, Baku Baku no Mi (or it may have been a new type of fruit that "joined" these people together).

My bets are that a more experienced user, who managed to put Baku Baku no Mi to a different use, was involved in his creation. Blackbeard is mentioned for the first time in Chapter 132.

Dalton (current Drum’s Leader) says that Blackbeard's crew attacked the Island and the former King, Wapol, fled.
Blackbeard attacked Drum to get the power of the Baku Baku no Mi, he wanted to get the power of Wapol. He attacked the Kingdom of Drum when he was getting used to the powers of the Yami Yami no Mi, he already knew he could “split up”, but he wasn't sure if he would be able to "gather together" again. While he was still inexperienced with using his Devil Fruit no Mi, he wanted to have a guarantee and would give the Wapol's power to one of his own crew so he could " gather " again.
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Y'all have any recommendations for grand strategy games like sup com
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I’ve tried from the camp and gun shop but my guns won’t stay on my back
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New Edge360, is a free resource for learning Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro & After Effects. We believe in learning the concept, rather than learning the steps so that you can translate "your" imagination visually to the world. This will make you a better decision-maker, rather than letting others make decisions for you. Since every situation is different and the definition of "beauty" is subjective, it is essential that you master the approach, and then the steps will automatically follow. Our motto is "Keep Creating." We always say to our students: "Don't worry so much about the quality, because time will improve it. Don't spend so much time getting things perfect, so that you end up not finishing them. Just 'Keep Creating,' and your consistency will take care of the rest." My channel name is: New Edge360 I am uploading the beginners tutorial from 8th Oct and will continue to upload videos every Monday and Friday. Photoshop Tutorial For Beginners: Please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon.
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I just received my fall box today and the necklace set that I chose is missing in my box. I already emailed the support team about it so this is more of a rant than anything as I feel quite frustrated and disappointed. I just really hope they'll resolve it seeing so many people are complaining about their customer service.
Also, I know I'm very late to this but I just filled out the kettle recall form last week but haven't heard anything back yet. Does anyone know how long it should take for them to reply?
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so i'm thinking about transferring colleges, but i don't know if it's the right decision. on one hand, at my current school, i've made a lot of friends and have a good community here. i'm in a sorority and i'm completely in the social scene, but i'm wondering if this is the smartest decision for me. i'm bipolar 2, and i've been struggling a lot with it the last couple of months. i miss my parents and my family so much, and i want to be around them so i can have their support. but the thing is, they supported me all throughout high school and i'm starting to realize i need to learn to live without them. i have a good psychiatrist and therapist here, which is making all the difference, and if i transfer back to my home state i'll have to find a new one.
the other thing though is that i think my family might need me. my parents are so supportive and wonderful, but my dad, like me, is bipolar 2. having me around is a much needed comfort for him, as my other sibling has also left for college. i don't want him to be sad and alone, rather i'm thinking that i can be close for undergraduate, and when we're both a little more used to that, i can leave fully for graduate school. my grandparents are also close by at the school i'm considering, and i think it would be comforting for them to see me as they get older. especially my grandma, she adores having grandchildren and her not being able to see me as much is really hard on her.
another thing with the bipolar 2 diagnosis is that i'm starting to wonder if drinking like i do on the weekends is making things worse. i have so much i want to do with my life, and i'm starting to freak out a little bit at the thought of if the partying i do is going to affect me longterm. if i transfer schools i won't be in the social scene there, because at this school the social scene is completely dominated by greek life and my sorority isn't there, and when you join a sorority you can't join another. i wouldn't be in the social scene at all which means it would be pretty hard for me to make friends, and i don't want to restart with friends. i also am unsure that if i transfer i'll miss partying. what if i do and i can't anymore?
transferring would also mean a significant reduction in my tuition. this would make me feel a lot better about going to graduate school. also being close to home for my undergraduate degree would help me feel a lot more comfortable leaving my home state for a graduate degree.
transferring would also be nice for me because i love the city of where i would transfer to. it's probably my favorite place on this earth if i'm being honest, and the city where i'm currently in is fine, but i definitely don't love it. it would be amazing to be somewhere where i feel so happy to be there. i'm just sad because i think i missed that window of where it would have been acceptable for me to go there. i'm now halfway through my sophomore year, but i would be transferring next semester (i have a spot available for me). if i transferred next semester i would feel like such a failure. i would feel like everyone from my hometown would look at me like the loser who couldn't hack in another state so she came back. i would feel like i let myself down kinda, and those who supported be in high school throughout my bipolar diagnosis. those who supported me were the ones who made me feel like i could go to another state. leaving that state and coming home would just feel so awful. i felt like a loser throughout all of high school, and i don't want to anymore. i want to be a winner, someone who's doing well at life and is becoming the person i should be.
i really don't know what do do, so in here's the pros and cons in case you didn't want to read all that:
pros: close to home (i miss my parents so fucking much), would be able to completely focus on academics, would have the support system of my family in case my bipolar disorder gets bad, the comfort i could give to my family, wouldn't feel the need to binge drink on the weekends (good for bipolar disorder), reduction in tuition, would feel better about leaving the state for graduate school, and i absolutely love the city i would be moving to.
cons: i already have a support system here, maybe me and my family need to learn how to live without each other, i would have to make new friends, i would be very late for registering for classes since i would start at the new school next semester, i wouldn't be in the social scene at all, i would feel like a loser in every sense, and i would basically have to completely restart in everything.
please help. i really don't know what to do.
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I feel like I have a thousand questions these days!
After our surprise girl came early at 36 weeks we went a week without our snoo rental. But now that it’s here I am actually a little hesitant to use it. Our girl is very sleepy and often needs to be woken up to eat. She is doing stretches of about two and a half hours at night which, when I take feeding into account, is the max she is supposed to be doing right now, at least until we have a few weigh ins and her jaundice is cleared.
I guess I am nervous that she will be too responsive to the snoo and just fall back asleep even when she should eat. (I know that doesn’t seem to happen for most babies but given that she is so sleepy in general still)
should I
A) just do it anyway to get her used to it, and then wake her up at scheduled times if necessary? B) just use it as a bassinet for now and bring in the motion later once I get the go ahead to let her sleep longer if she wants ?
Any thoughts are welcome!
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I only have one month left of my pregnancy and I kinda feel sad about saying goodbye to my maternity clothes. They are so comfy and cute, lol. I have a whole new wardrobe now. It feels like I will never be a size 2 again, even though I know I probably will be.
How long post-pregnancy did you continue to wear maternity clothes? It seems like I should keep them around for at least a few months while my body recovers.
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I'm uninterested in shorter work weeks. I want actual freedom every single day without being threatened by someone else's economic system. If people refuse to self sacrifice and actually opt out of Capitalism, it's not ever going to change. Economic revolution has ever taken place by a majority of people doing the wrong thing.
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Im interested to share gamepass with my nephew. he got the series s and since I have gamepass on series x I wanted to know if it can be done!!!! I have no problem paying for another account but why spend more if I can just share it with him!

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