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2021.11.29 23:25 slashy_potato_mashy im gonna sleep

gn fuckers ily
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2021.11.29 23:25 CompleteAccident1400 Anyone else?

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2021.11.29 23:25 sourwormfiend IBKR charging more to DRS?

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2021.11.29 23:25 RealSurrealSir I didn't know we had a Basement.

You’d think you would remember all the rooms in your house growing up, right? I personally didn’t grow up in a mansion or anything, and our one-story suburban home couldn’t have had much more than a dozen rooms, depending on how you count things like hallways and closets and all. So when my brother mentioned a creepy memory to me last week involving our “basement”, I was pretty shocked and confused; almost as much as he seemed to be when I then responded “what are you talking about? We didn’t have a basement…”
“Dude, are you screwing with me? How can you not remember a whole-ass basement? Hell, you were always the one that seemed most creeped out about it of all of us,” my brother Paul told me, as I started to wonder whether he was losing it or if this was some weird joke for which I just didn’t get the punchline.
I just stared at him for a few seconds before deciding on the latter. “Ok Paul, whatever you say man.”
“Jason, what the actual hell-- look, if you’ve actually somehow forgotten, I will go show you right now.”
“I mean, let me finish my breakfast first at least,” I said (or at least approximated) through a large bite of Belgian waffle. The diner we’d met up at was halfway to the old house anyway, so I decided to humor my brother and go along with... whatever this was supposed to lead to.
On the way over I went through possibilities. Surprise party maybe? I mean my birthday was still two months away, but I had gotten a promotion recently… that would be kind of a weird thing to have a surprise party for though, or really any party. Maybe a surprise visit? That seemed a little more likely, but I couldn’t think of any obvious contenders. We had a pretty large extended family though, so it wasn’t unthinkable that I was just missing a more likely candidate. I mean more likely that I was temporarily forgetting a relative that could feasibly be visiting than an entire basement, or so I thought.
When we arrived, Mom and Dad’s cars weren’t there. Paul informed me he had a key though, so we went in anyway. After an appropriate time greeting our excitable old labrador Felix, Paul took me to the washer and dryer room, though it was more of a closet than a full room. To my shock, there was a door behind the dryer that I had absolutely no memory of ever seeing before.
“What in the… is this new?” I mumbled out as I stared at the inexplicable door where none should be.
Paul just stared at me for a moment before saying, “Damn you were actually being serious weren’t you?”
I just turned to look at him with an appropriately solemn and uneasy expression, before turning back to the door. “I’m dead serious. I have never-- I don’t remember ever seeing this door in my life.”
“So you don’t remember going down there as a kid with me and Theresa, making up scary stories to tell each other about the creepy basement? If I remember right, we only stopped because you found the whole thing too creepy. I mean, me and Theresa were both kinda growing out of that kind of thing anyway too, to be fair.”
Paul’s voice faded in my mind as he continued reminiscing; all my mind could focus on was trying to make sense of the discrepancy between the entire body of my childhood memories and the old, oddly placed door in front of me challenging the integrity of those memories. As I tried to reach deep down, a very faint and slightly uncomfortable tug at the back of my mind seemed to push for me to finally remember… something… Whatever it was continued to elude me, however.
“Help jog my memory some more,” I suddenly said. “What all did we keep down there?”
Paul looked a bit startled, though that was likely just because I’d probably interrupted him mid-sentence, but just went along with the new thread.
“.Just like junk, I think… I remember random tools and household objects on the shelves on the side, a couple pieces of old and broken furniture, a ratty old mattress… I think most of it was from before either of us came into the picture, since neither ever seemed to recognize any of it. Honestly don’t think Mom and Dad had actually gone down there in years by the time we started exploring, since the dryers right there in front of the door for long as I can remember.”
“Did you ever ask? Did they know we were going down there?” I asked next.
“Nah, you made me promise not to tell them, ‘cause you were so creeped out. You said something like ‘I don’t think we’re supposed to be here…” Paul paused and looked at me thoughtfully. “I don’t even think you gave any hard reasons, but I could see how you were so freaked out that I just didn’t push it, I guess,” he continued. “You really don’t remember ANY of this?”
I tried once again as hard as I could to grasp some matching fragment of memory, no mat
ter how vague, but nothing came. I responded truthfully, “No, and I don’t know why.”
“Huh, weird....” we stood in uncomfortable silence for a few seconds. “Well if you agree not to hold me to a promise you don’t even remember making, we can ask the folks about it when we’re all here at Thanksgiving.”
I chuckled even through my nervousness. “Alright, I absolve you of this hypothetical childhood oath I don’t recall, but only this one.”
“Pfft, hypothetical…” Paul scoffed, “you say as you stand in front of the very clearly not-hypothetical door to the place the promise was about.”
“No comment,” I commented in response.
“Uh-huh, I bet. Well, we could also just go down and check it out now.” he suggested.
I looked at the half of the door sticking above the back of the dryer, and was suddenly filled with that subtle but comprehensive feeling of dread as when I first laid eyes on it. “Nah it’s ok,” I finally let out. “It’d be a pain to move the dryer out and put it back, and not really fair to Mom and Dad to just come into the house while they're gone to move the appliances and screw around in the basement” I finally managed, trying to justify to both Paul and myself why I was so unkeen on that idea.
“I honestly doubt they’d mind, but suit yourself, I guess. We could also check it out after akin them about it at Thanksgiving too, though.”
“Sure, good idea,” I said while trying to mask my hesitance. My parents were this year’s hosts for the annual family get-together, and when I say my family is big, I mean it. Thanksgiving basically doubles as the time of family reunions for us, at least on our mom’s side, and sometimes felt more akin to some kind of annual wedding reception or something than a wholesome family dinner. “How many people are going to be here again?” I eventually asked, ready to get away from talking or thinking about the basement as well as away from the basement itself. I started walking back to the door before Paul could suggest some shit like waiting around in the house to surprise our parents whenever they got home.
“Umm, 15? 25? I honestly don’t know, you’d probably be better off asking Mom and Dad. Honestly though, we could just wait around ‘til they get home and you could ask them, I’m sure they’d love the pleasant little surprise!”
In my mind I sighed heavily, but out loud I just said, “I actually really gotta get going, ton of errands to run and all.”
“Oh really? I thought you said you had a free couple hours when we were planning lunch earlier this week,” Paul responded obliviously.
“Yeah well we stayed and talked for a while after we ate, and all the extra time after that was used up coming here. My new apartment is almost an hour away, remember?” I exaggerated this a bit, confident that Paul would not, in fact, remember.
“Oh, uh, yeah I think you did mention that. Well ok, I guess I’ll see you Thursday then.”
“For sure, can’t wait!” I said, already turning back towards the front door. I don’t know what it was, but I was just feeling a growing need to get the hell out of there. It was all I could do no to at least jog to my car on the way out.
I thought about that forgotten basement from time to time over the rest of the week leading up to Thanksgiving dinner. I tried not to, but I think everyone knows what happens when you try not to think about something you don’t want to think about; obviously, it popped up uninvited in my mind regularly over the coming days. In a weird way, I was almost looking forward to facing that creepy, memory-stifling basement if only to alleviate some of my irrational anxiety.
It’s funny to think of one of these giant family reunions RELIEVING any stress, since I always hated them growing up. See, I’ve never been particularly good at remembering faces or names or… specific people in general, really. That kind of thing is just not my strong suit; even with all the practice I get from gatherings that on both sides were made up of surprisingly tight-knit parent-as-one-of seven-siblings extended families. To this day, as a supposedly functional adult, I’m not sot at all confident I could name list each of my first cousins. I’d either forget a much older name or two that I hadn’t had to think of in a decade or so, or I’d name a few second cousins who just ‘seemed’ closer, relatively speaking.
As odd as that may sound to any readers from a small (or even just medium) family background, I know I wasn’t the only one. I remember hearing from a couple of relatives who were close enough that I KNEW were first cousins of mine, that they had similar issues remembering how every person at any given large family gathering was related to them. This even applied to some of the more well-known and consistent relatives; we all knew Uncle Rocky as Uncle Rocky, but so did each of our parents. I think we settled on him being like, a great uncle once-removed or something, and when we asked for confirmation (or correction) he just laughed and told us “yeah, something like that…”
Point is, our family tree has a lot of closely-connected branches, and for some reason, they all seem to want to keep up with each other. Maybe its the misanthrope in me, but as much as I love (most) of my family, part of me wonders why they don’t just tone it down a bit?
That was my grumpy attitude going into things, anyway, and walking into my childhood home now filled with at least 30 different people didn’t exactly turn this sardonic introvert into happy-go-lucky social butterfly. I exchanged my niceties with a dozen different relatives, giving almost-automated responses to the same questions asked independently by each. “My job’s going well, I recently got promoted actually… No, me and Amelia have been separated for about almost two years now, we’re on amicable terms though and I get Josh every weekend and most of the summer… No, I moved, I’m in an apartment closer downtown now...” I swear I’m repeating almost-verbatim some of these things to some of the same people as from the last get-together, but I can’t even be that annoyed because I get it; there are just SO many of us to keep track of.
By the time I ran into Paul (two hours into my time there judging by my internal clock, 35 minutes judging by my surely-broken watch), I was almost ready to lead an excursion into our little secret dungeon myself. At least any memory-eating spectral and/or demonic entities wouldn’t make me engage in any more small talk. “Hey bro, Happy Thanksgiving! Did you just get here?”
“Sort of, probably been here like 20 minutes. Did I miss anything fun?” he asked.
“I mean if so, I would have had to have missed it too.” We talked about mostly boring and unimportant subjects for a little while, and that mysterious underground beneath our house that had consumed our attention just a few days ago (and for me, much of the time since) never came up. On the one hand, I was partially relieved from a sort of ‘the less said or thought about something unsettling, the better’ impulse. On the other hand though, I was naggingly curious; why was this stupid basement bothering so much anyway?
My own mental stalemate meant that I didn’t bring it up myself at first. Instead, we moved on to our big turkey dinner ponce it had been set out and finished, and after an appropriate level of jovial half-conversations with the dozen or so random relatives that ended up sitting at the same particular table as me and a few glasses of wine, I was feeling more free-spirited, and finally looked around for Paul to finally ask him what’s what. But as I searched, I just couldn’t manage to find him. Worse still, every other person I asked said they hadn’t seen Paul since dinner. It wouldn’t have been like Paul to leave early without telling anyone, or really to leave early from this kind of thing at all.
We grew up in a pretty sizable house, but I’d looked in almost every other room before I finally made my way to the little laundry room. I opened it to find Paul there; just standing, unmoving, staring mutely in front of him at the now-open basement door.
“P-Paul?” I managed to mumble out. No answer.
“Paul…damn it, PAUL!” Still no acknowledgement. Not even the barest look of awareness, of any comprehension as to how I was four feet away now yelling his name, was visible on his blank face as it just stared emptily into the eerie blackness of the old doorway peeking out from behind the dryer.
I was just about ready to walk up and slap my brother when I heard the first muted creak echo out from the basement. I stopped myself and listened. Another creak, then another just like the last, except slightly louder. Creak... The sounds and whatever was making them was getting closer.
Creak... The sounds continued steadily. I was frozen in place, transfixed by my own fear and curiosity. Creak... Nothing felt real anymore. Creak... Was I even ok? Creak… Was this what Paul was feeling? Creak. Was I as frozen and empty-looking and trapped? Creeeak… Was this real, was anything real-- CREEEAK…
With that, An old, pale arm reached out of darkness, then another, as a figure grasped onto the far end of the dryer to hoist itself up onto the dryer and out of the basement. I stared dumbfounded as Uncle Rocky of all people crawled over the appliance with what somehow looked to be both impressive difficulty and graceful ease.
“Oh, Jason!” he said cheerily as hopped down. “I Was wondering when I’d get the chance to see you. How are things?”
I took a moment to collect myself as I watched that easy-going, friendly bearded smile I’d seen countless times at countless family events like these. “I, um… Fine, I’m doing fine, uh yeah…” I eventually sputtered out. Before he could respond though, I also managed “So what were you doing down there, exactly? If you don’t mind me asking?”
“I do.” That reply accompanied an instantaneous shift in demeanor, as the smile fell away and the laughter left his eyes.
“Y-you do?… do what?” I mumbled back.
“I do mind you asking. Don’t do it again.” His face was solemn and his expression the coldest I’d ever seen it.
“Sorry, I uh.. Um…” I was sputtering again, but was mercifully interrupted by Uncle Rocky’s deep booming laugh.
“Aah, I’m just pullin’ your leg sonny, don’t you worry.” The smile was back on his face like it had never left. “I was just helping your little brother here, he said that he heard something downstairs. I heard it too once he pointed it out, sounded like a wounded animal or something. Since his ankle is injured, I offered to go down and check myself.”
I finally turned to look at Paul again, noticing him leaning a bit off-balance to one side for the first time. His expression meanwhile had changed somewhat, but he still looked pretty spaced out, and only partially tuned into what was going on.
“I couldn’t find ‘em by the way, Paul. Whatever it was stopped yowling whenever I was probably too close. Hopefully whatever little critter that’s down there is ok.”
Paul just nodded at Uncle Rocky, saying nothing; at least he was moving again, I thought to myself.
“Welp, I’m gonna go see what dessert is left before its too late, but feel free to come stop and chat anytime if either of you boys feel like catching up!” With that, Uncle Rocky turned and sauntered off into the hallway. I watched him leave and then just turned back to Paul, who was now staring emptily at me.
“Dude, what the actual fuck? You can’t just ignore me like that, you were starting to scare me!” I tried to sound as mad as I could without actually getting into yelling territory.
Paul’s mouth twitched but nothing came out, and instead he just turned slightly and brushed right past me without a word.
I turned and watched him leave, as irritated and confused as ever. “Wh-..Paul!” Still no answer came as he calmly walked around the corner (with a subtle but noticeable limp). I stared at the spot where he’d just been for a couple of seconds, before deciding to go after him and make him tell me what the hell was going on with him.
But as I entered the crowded main rooms, I’d already lost track of him. I looked for another twenty minutes before our sister Jordan told me Paul had left about that long ago. He must have just beelined straight out the door after he left the laundry room or something.
I tried calling his phone, but no luck. I decided to maybe ask Uncle Rocky if he’d noticed anything strange about Paul, but I couldn’t find him either. I finally just gave up and decided it was time for me to leave. I made my goodbyes to my close family and left as quickly as I could without seeming rude. I was just feeling so done with my family members, that house, the concept of conversation in general… I don’t know if the headache I was developing was actually related, but I decided to blame it in my head on my asshole brother anyway. I still tried to call him again, but got the same expected lack of response.
I tried not to worry too much, for the rest of the night, not to be the overprotective and overbearing big brother I had admittedly sometimes let myself turn into, especially during our teenage and college years. Paul really hated when I did that, and he was probably just not feeling good. I told myself to be patient, I’d get some explanation when Paul was feeling up to giving one.
I got a call back the afternoon after, and Paul apologized for not noticing my calls and for acting “a bit strange” after dinner the night before. He confirmed that he had not been feeling physically well, though he didn’t remember a lot of details.
“Were you just hammered or something? I hope not, cause you drove home,” I said at one point.
“Nah, I mean I may or may not have still had a bit of a buzz at that point, but I only had like 3 drinks the whole night, 4 max,” Paul replied.
“Ok well, did you eat something you shouldn’t have? I know you have those food allergies--”
“Whoa, whoa man, for real, I appreciate your concern, but I’m honestly fine. I woke this morning, with just a mild headache, and even that’s disappearing now too. I’m right as rain.”
I tried to accept his reassurances, but they just didn’t reassure me for some reason. None of this was sitting right with me. “Alright alright, but can you at least explain to me what the deal with the thing in the basement was, and how you were acting then?”
“Basement? Oh yeah, sorry bro, I’d totally forgotten about the plan to ask Mom and Dad about that.”
“No, not that,” I said, trying (and probably failing) to keep the exasperation I was feeling out of my tone. “When I found you just staring at the basement doorway, looking and acting like you were on every depressant known to humankind all at once.”
There was a pause on the other end for a couple of moments. “Sorry dude, that honestly isn’t ringing a bell at all to me. You sure it was me?”
I barely managed to succeed in refraining from yelling in frustration. “Yes Paul, I’m sure I correctly recognized the only other person in the well lit room four feet in front of me. C’mon man, think, remember you were like, waiting while Uncle Rocky went down there to check on something?”
“Uh sorry, who? what?” he replied.
I repeated myself as slowly and with as careful over-annunciation as possible without sounding condescending. There was silence for a few moments, and at first I thought I must have crossed that line anyway, but then I hear a breathy chuckle as Paul says, “alright, for real, what am I missing? Did I forget a rock that fell and hit my head or something?”
It was my turn to pause for a few seconds in confusion. “‘Rock that fell’... No Paul, Uncle Rocky. Went into the basement for you. Last night.”
“Jason, what are you talking about? We don’t have an Uncle Rocky…”
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2021.11.29 23:25 ChoChi_07 Hey there. Looking for new friend

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2021.11.29 23:25 Few_Line8870 Review of Zeitgeist Part One | Dr. Robert Price | Parallelomania

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2021.11.29 23:25 captainjmb What is wrong with my water heater and is it worth trying to fixing myself?

Full disclosure: I’m pretty handy, have renovated multiple bathrooms and a kitchen. I have no experience with gas or water heaters.
Here is the link to photos: water heater pics
I’ve done some initial research and seeing that it could be a gas to air ratio, just not sure where to start. I know it’s an old system so wondering if it makes sense to just have a new one installed.
Wondering if anyone has seen this before and if it’s an easy fix or if it’s a sign of a system on its last legs.
Thanks for the help.
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2021.11.29 23:25 crytoloover SOLANA FARM AIRDROP- 400 SOL Token (💓Ref: 30% BNB 100% SOL 💓 TrustWallet MetaMask BSC Paid)

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2021.11.29 23:25 seantrichardson Upgrade To Game Pass Question.

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2021.11.29 23:25 emmjaymax My spouse of 12 years has been really hurtful lately

My spouse of 12 years has been really hurtful lately
It’s small things I suppose, comments. Example, he said he doesn’t look forward to coming home from work w/o weed.. I get it, but responded ‘sorry the kids and I aren’t enough to come home to. Lol’ he says fuck y’all. Then he called someone gorgeous, and I said something and his response was ‘wow you think your gorgeous?’ I said no but I’d like to be in your eyes. Then we had a night of trying to bond, we drank a bit, and he takes embarrassing video of me and refuses to let me in his phone. I snapped at this point and smacked him in the stomach, in return he threatens jail, I leave the room. Wth is going on here
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2021.11.29 23:25 Luvaftrlckuplover_25 Maurice and Jessica

I’m sorry but Jessica has a right to be upset when y’all were visiting your BM and daughter for the first time like you let her sit in a corner ignored like you coulda ATLEAST introduced her so she don’t feel weird.!
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2021.11.29 23:25 Beginning-Ad-5674 a sculpt I did.

a sculpt I did.
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2021.11.29 23:25 crytoloover Did Ecomi Lose Spider-Man License For VeVe NFTs To Wax? Things are getting worse for OMI Token...

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2021.11.29 23:25 Just_love1776 Im currently sitting outside to avoid the screaming tantrums of my 3.5 yo

I know its normal. I know shes stressed from returning to normal after thanksgiving. I know shes hungry (wont eat- we start feeding therapy this week).
Im tired too. My 8 month old still wakes every 2-3 hours to eat (weve been trying to get her down to 1). I keep it together for most of the day as best as i can. But shit… theres a limit to how much screaming i can take. She throws tantrums over what feels like everything all day.
I guess im screaming into the void.
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2021.11.29 23:25 StevoTheMonkey If you look up "crocodile tears" on google you'll see this image

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2021.11.29 23:25 Stock_Interaction_55 Meituan Lost RMB10.1 Billion in Q3

On November 26, Meituan (HK: 03690) released its earnings report of 2021Q3. According to the earnings report, Meituan achieved a revenue of 48.8 billion yuan in the third quarter, up 37.9% year-on-year. As of September 30, Meituan's annual number of transaction users for the past 12 months reached 670 million, up 40.1% year-on-year, and the number of active merchants was 8.3 million, up 28.2% year-on-year, both of which reached record highs. However, due to the landing of antitrust fines, a sharp drop in investment income, and continued loss-making of new businesses, Meituan's loss reached 10.1 billion yuan for the third quarter. In comparison, its adjusted net loss reached 5.5 billion yuan, the largest loss in a single quarter since its listing.
Reasons for its profit decline
Food delivery, which has contributed stable profits for several consecutive quarters, also showed slight weakness in the third quarter, with a revenue of 26.48 billion yuan, up 28% year-on-year, which fell sharply compared to the 59% growth rate in the second quarter. Seasonal factors played an important role, with increased rider subsidies due to abnormal weather being one of the main reasons for the profit decline. In the third quarter, Meituan increased subsidies for riders. In addition, due to the superposition of anti-monopoly factors, Meituan surrendered parts of the profits to merchants in the third quarter, which directly caused the profit rate of food delivery to drop from 3.7% to 3.3%, compared with 10.6% in the second quarter. It remains to be seen whether the high rider costs will continue to be one of the main reasons for the profit decline of Meituan.
Meituan's users reach a record high in Q3
According to the earnings report, Meituan reported 667.5 million transaction users in the third quarter, up 40.1% year-on-year, and 8.3 million active merchants, up 28.2% year-on-year. The number of transaction users and active merchants both hit a record high. The average number of transactions per user per year was 34.4, up 28.5% year-on-year. Although the number of new users declined slightly compared to the previous two quarters, considering the decline of subsidies for community group buying and the dismal situation of Alibaba and Pinduoduo, Meituan's user growth has been quite excellent, making it the Internet platform with the largest increase of users in a single quarter in China for three consecutive quarters.
Meituan will further strengthen the protection of riders' rights and interests
In the third-quarter earnings report, Meituan also mentioned that it received the Decision on Administrative Penalty and Administrative Guidance made by the anti-monopoly investigation of the State Administration for Market Regulation in October. Meituan said that it will sincerely accept and resolutely implement them. Meanwhile, in terms of the protection of rider rights and interests, under the guidance of relevant departments, Meituan is preparing the pilot project of occupational injury protection and improving the social security of riders. The labor rights and interests of riders are fully protected from six aspects: ensuring reasonable income of riders, scientifically determining labor intensity, improving social security of riders, implementing safety and health responsibilities, perfecting the appeal mechanism of riders, and promoting the career development of riders. In addition to successfully holding 110 rider seminars across the country, continuing to listen to rider opinions, and collecting extensive feedback, Meituan is also actively10:21am promoting the openness and transparency of the delivery scheduling system.

Wanna see more analysis and info about Meituan?
Tips: on westmoney app, you can read many thoughts about what Chinese people think about those listed Chinese companies and their analyzes. Also, we provide an English version and a Mandarin version for people to choose. Meanwhile, we have a translation service for a better reading experience.
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2021.11.29 23:25 vinodjetley Tesla is rumored to get green light at Gigafactory Berlin any day; already some Model Ys produced

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2021.11.29 23:25 DesignerAd260 #ज्ञानगंगा_में_तत्वज्ञान संत को सताने की क्या सजा होती है ? 😲😲 जानने के लिए अवश्य पढ़े पवित्र पुस्तक ज्ञान गंगा । @narendramodi @PMOIndia @cmohry @aajtak

#ज्ञानगंगा_में_तत्वज्ञान संत को सताने की क्या सजा होती है ? 😲😲 जानने के लिए अवश्य पढ़े पवित्र पुस्तक ज्ञान गंगा । @narendramodi @PMOIndia @cmohry @aajtak submitted by DesignerAd260 to SantRampaljimaharaj [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 23:25 HiddenVans Textbook notes or lecture notes?

Hi guys,
I'm a junior in precalculus self-studying for the AP Calculus AB exam. So far I'm up to inverse-trig differentation. It's been a breeze, but I feel like I can be studying more efficientely. I try to watch Professor Leonard's lectures as much as possible, but I take notes from the textbook. Would it be better to just use Professor Leonard's lectures for notes and then problems from my textbook? The only part I'm scared of is him not going over something that will be on the AP exam, since his class is technically Calculus 1. I'm aware Calc 1 and AP Calc AB are nearly identical, but would it be fine to take notes from those Calc 1 lectures?

P.S. Yes, it's been a breeze, but it also takes up a huge amount of time and I don't feel like I'm maximizing my practice/knowledge intake during those hours, so this is why I'm asking.

Thank you!
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