Sunrise at Surf Rider (Malibu Ca)

2021.11.30 00:48 savage34 Sunrise at Surf Rider (Malibu Ca)

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2021.11.30 00:48 Machienzo S20 - Upgrade Battery or Battery Case?

Wondering if it is possible at all to get a better battery replacement (something more than the stock 4,000mAh) or if there are battery cases like the iPhone had that attach to your phone. I imagine the latter might interfere with the NFC on the back.
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2021.11.30 00:48 Danza310 Pro tip: if someone doesn’t mute their mic or is blaring music play this directly into your mic

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2021.11.30 00:48 RDR216 SUV options for a mid 30k price range?

I’m 28 and about to buy my first car. Want a mid to large size SUV as I live up north and do a lot of snow driving.
My front runner right now is a used 2019/2020 grand Cherokee. Always admired those cars. Honestly I like the 19/20 models better than the new ones. But from what I read that might not be a reliable choice for someone who drives a lot (over 2k mikes per month easy).
I’ve done test drives on a bunch of options and honestly every car felt like it drove great. Anything’s better than the beater old Jetta I’m driving now. So really I’m just looking for something reliable that I like the look of.
Don’t do any off-roading or anything like that really, although it sounds fun!
Any suggestions? Obviously my favorite aesthetics wise is the grand Cherokee but I want to really explore options before I pull the trigger.
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2021.11.30 00:48 tw_bot Invisibility is a power now within reach because of a really bizarre phenomenon - SYFY WIRE

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2021.11.30 00:48 alitttleach What are some things you should never buy the ‘generic’ version of?

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2021.11.30 00:48 Nosy_Introvert Testing Positive for COVID-19 on Arrivals PCR Test

Has anyone had any experience or know someone that went through the experience of testing positive on the PCR test on arrival to Thailand?
Everything went super smooth for me up until the moment I got my results late last night local time, my results show 'Detected' which basically means 'Positive'. Currently, I've been told I have to wait in my hotel room and await further instruction. I have zero symptoms, feel absolutely fine, my PCR within the last 72 hours was negative. This makes no sense.
I've pretty much begged and pleaded with the hotel to do anything within their power to find out my options, as I absolutely do not want to waste 2 weeks of my trip being locked up in a hospital quarantine which is what I think is going to happen.
I've asked if I can be tested again as I believe it's a false positive. I mean the area at Phuket Airport they were testing us was hardly a controlled environment, there were just loads of cubicles, outdoors all next to each other with hundreds of people walking about standing right next to each other.
At the moment I'm pretty desperate and just trying to cling onto any hope that somehow I can get out of the hospital quarantine. Just waiting in my hotel room now for the hospital to call back the hotel and answer any questions. The hotel said maybe they will test me and let me go if negative, but not getting my hopes up at all, to be honest.
Any experiences people have had so far with a similar situation would be good to hear, how long you stayed in the hospital? If there are possibilities to leave before the 14 days, like doing an immediate test at the hospital again and hopefully showing negative? How much it cost in total (or how much you had to claim back on insurance)?
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2021.11.30 00:48 caytrix i just beat a world record

i spent 2 hours going throught cases and i got i belive like 20 melees i got i swear on my moms life i got a roblox card today b/c the 50% credit thing and i spent most on crates for flame of olimpia but i got these instead stylis check my account if you dont belive me and ask my friend a360 on discord
tanzanite blade
tatical spatuala
noob slayer zicron trident
toy gun
stick grenade
starlis funpost
zircon slamsicle
war hammer
stylis bruh
void staff
morning star
frying pan
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2021.11.30 00:48 Myth3al Is AP Worth it?

Highschool freshman, is AP worth it? I'm not noticeably smart, but I'm able to keep up with hours worth of lectures without breaks or any sustainability whatsoever, I typically enjoy doing work somehow and often find myself looking up worksheets for a subject, I am a bit of a procrastinator though and if I have a test in a week or two I'd still probably go off-topic. I wanna switch to AP next year in-order to thank my parents for raising me towards high education priority.
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2021.11.30 00:48 funrun14 Puppy temperament, 3 months, Australian Cattle Dog

So, Merckx has been super fun so far! He is 3 months old now, and Australian Cattle Dog. Very quick to catch onto commands, coming along with potty training, adorable, and makes everyone laugh. Obviously there are the normal puppy behaviors that are annoying.
I realize that ACDs are normally "wary of strangers". I'm also aware of the puppy fear stages.
He is all ears back and wiggle butt with people he knows.
However, with any new person he growls, all the hair on his back is up, and he barks. He will try to run away if possible. It seems extreme compared to other puppies his age. He has been doing this since we got him at 8 weeks (he sort of adopted us, long story, but he was a happy accident). Nothing traumatic has ever happened to him.
Since we got hime, I have been making it a point to go on "socialization expeditions" several times a week and take him to new environments where he can meet a variety of people. We meet anyone and everyone when we are out walking. I have a treat bag ready, when he barks/growls I let the new person feed him treats until he is comfortable. He IS willing to take treats from strangers. It takes a while, but he will stop barking/growling/etc and get to a more neutral status.
Will he stop doing this? Right now he is tiny and cute, so people are willing to feed him treats and take the time to let him warm up. When he gets bigger, I seriously doubt this will be the case.
We have a 13 yr old lab/heeler mix at home that will play only grudgingly from time to time, lol. So I'm also taking him to the local Animal Humane for their Puppy Playtime every weekend for 2 hours of socialization with other dogs. He has done well there. However, the same scenario unfolds when meeting other dogs with me. He growls/barks/attempts to scare the other dog away.
We have a 5 yr old daughter, and many children in and out of the house. I've been really working with him on tolerating kid nonsense. I let the kids lead him around the leash and feed him treats. Anytime he is around a kid, he is supervised.
I'm anxious he will be reactive to people and other dogs no matter how much I socialize him. I've known heelers (Australian Cattle dogs, whatever you want to call them) in the past. Many of them are reactive, and intolerant to children after a certain point. I will say that these particular dogs that I have interacted with haven't been very well trained. I WILL train the shit out of my puppy, lol!
Anyone else have a puppy that behaved like this. How does your dog behave now?
Anyone have experience good/bad with Australian Cattle Dogs (heelers, whatever)?
(I've posted to the Australian Cattle Dog reddit threads, but sometimes it seems like it can be a bit biased over there. I mean, obviously ;)
Thanks so much!
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2021.11.30 00:48 Angusfunniphone Strings Off The Bones.

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2021.11.30 00:48 JennaDaSimma Which stand up comedy special is your favorite?

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2021.11.30 00:48 H3Airsoft I need new friends, my main friend group is extremely toxic

I’ve had the same friend group for 6-7+ years now. We’ve always had our ups and downs but the last couple months most of them have soured. I’m always friendly and respectful and I get treated with constant insults and mocking. I get made fun of for things I cannot control in my personal life. It’s dragging me down and I don’t want the toxicity. I have a good amount of other people that I talk to but i’ve forgotten how to better break the ice with people. Someone throw me bone and give me some advice.
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2021.11.30 00:48 pawcoisakitten Harold Ramis and Annie Potts as shown in Cleanin’ Up the Town❤️

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2021.11.30 00:48 egg_egg_ok Silly Oneshot with Dad and Brother turns into Murderhobo Disneyland

First time I DMed was for a super-dumbed down version of D&D for my dad and younger sibling, where the level system was just too quick and easy (level up after each fight) and the features or "Skills" were incredibly OP, sort of by design, but I was not prepared for them to actually put them to use. The plot was dumb and simple, where some monarch kidnapped them and sent them on a quest to go rescue the princess, of course, because that's Classy. Right out of the gate, it was full Murderhobo time for the younger sibling who I will call L for now., immediately discarding the letter that was left in the cell they woke up in and killing the guard that was going to just suit them up and send them away to go to the mountain. This left me with an ignored plot and a dead friendly, so I decided to throw a couple more guards in that were alerted by the scuffle. They went down even faster due to the aforementioned quick 'n easy level system which gave the crazed genocidal maniac L even more firepower. I gave up and skipped over what was going to happen and just sent them out of the small royal dungeon and into the "Dark Forest". My dad who got an archer-type character wasn't initially going nuts and killing things, even protesting the guard-slaughter at first, but started to ease into the role of quickly blowing up anything alive in front of us. Midway through the forest I dropped a path reaching out into the plains where a small shop laid, quiet and serene, until L breaks down the door and holds the shopkeeper at longsword-point. I was panicking, so I just had the poor shopkeeper breakdown and cry about how his wife had gone missing in the forest looking for an old ring she dropped on a hike earlier. L's brain started to think a little bit, and figured the ring might be worth something so the pair of the maniacal L and hapless Dad ventured into the forest. After a couple of skeleton encounters in which the skeletons were more like cheese in the face of these butterknives.
They found the wife of the shopkeeper, who was delighted to see them and was cornered by a gang of more skeletons. I should confess now that all of the skeletons had lower that 10 hp, and there were usually 2, rarely 3 in this case, enemies. I was just worried that the "Rpg Expert" L and Pathfinder veteran Dad would have trouble dealing with the encounters. Boy was I wrong. It was just too easy. I thought that too much challenge would frustrate the young L, so I practically threw skeletons at the two like the blocks in Beat Saber, watching these brick walls just chop through them dealing around 10-20 damage per turn. After quickly dispatching the 3 skeletons, they carted the wife back to the shop. They had failed to recognize the hostage situation and just kind of let her get beat on for a minute while they focused on how to totally overkill the three skeletons. The shopkeeper was distressed, but somewhat relieved to have his wife back. Then the most terrible thing happened, and the moment where I should have realized that L had the classic case of murderhobo. If you guessed that L would immediately hold the longsword to the shopkeeper's wife's back and threaten to skewer her if the poor old shopkeeper didn't give them all the gold that he had. I started to become really nervous in character and out, not knowing what to even do, so I had him toss a few coins over the counter and plead with L to give her back. I was hoping I could try to at least touch L's morality and make him think about what he was doing, but instead of carefully considering what to do, He just asks for more gold. The shopkeeper scrounges all of his shelves and drawers, and finds just one gold piece which he hurriedly sets on the table, his eyes red and his face streaking with tears. L, in this pressing moral situation, knowing that he was committing an atrocity by holding hostage what this poor old shopkeeper held most dear, knowing he was being a terrible person and making terrible decisions,
Asked for more gold. The shopkeeper timidly half whispers, "I have no more. Please let her go." Boom. You guessed it. Longsword through the poor woman's back. The shopkeeper cries out in sorrow, but is quickly stifled by an arrow to the head by Dad, now groomed by L's wicked antics. They loot the store and go back into the forest. They continue along their bloody path, slaying everything in their way, when they run into town. If you guessed that Dad would have a little fun and destroy the entire south side of this humble little town with a well-placed "Multishot" and using some of the "Bomb Arrows" they looted from the shop, you're right. He blows up town, killing a plot NPC, and people obviously start running and screaming. I decide to knock some sense into the downright genocidal pair at this point, and hand them a sweet little pincer attack from 7 town guards, all wielding 1d8 spears and swords. But, they were all cold on the ground by round two thanks to some clever power gaming by Dad.
Now, I have a destroyed town full of panicking civilians, and these guys are standing in the middle of it all. They figure, hey, we don't have anything to do here anymore since we blew it up, so let's go. They leave town and head directly to the mountain, cutting down law enforcement and cookie-cutter skeletons all the same without ever having any threat of death. They finally reach "Dread Mountain", the location of the BBEG and subsequent princess. They head inside where they are met by a "Skeleton General", a more powerful skeleton I improvised in like, 10 seconds, and it put up a fight. On round one. The skeleton general did not fare so well once L and Dad got their turns. Skeleton general gets turned inside out by the 20 damage archer Dad.
They reach the summit of the mountain after several more encounters, all ramping up in difficulty but still not even able to touch them unless it sprang up into their face and exploded. Yes that had to happen. I did not consider any traps or puzzles for what was pretty much a dungeon. Now, we have a running joke for our "adventure games" as we call them between us. That is, that right before the BBEG encounter, an unassuming chicken is seen wandering about, and when it notices the party, it turns into a giant, powerful chicken that can level the terrain and destroy whole buildings. This happens every time, and it's always funny. Sue me. So, they reach the top, as I was saying. Said gag chicken is there, next to the tied-up princess. Dad shoots it. It transforms into a godly aberration of a chicken that has moves that can deal d20 damage, as the party had around 60-100 hp, and had around 100 hp itself. After about 6 rounds of it getting several hits off on L and Dad, it gets taken down by Dad's signature "Skillshot" that does +4d6 damage. I don't want this big man to go down after barely threatening the two maniacs, so I do the classic "2nd Phase" trick and throw an even more powerful 200hp god chicken at them. They beat it. After taking down the chicken, it uses one last move, the scary "God Laser" which beams a massive ray of pure godly energy from the heavens into the side of the mountain. Doesn't faze L or Dad. They make their way off the crumbling mountain with the princess, and run on back to the king who started the whole mess.
They pull a classic "I'm chaotic neutral not chaotic Evil" move and hostage the princess, overthrow the kingdom, and live... happily ever after. I am dumbfounded but was exhilarated at the time. Nowadays I would have been in shock from this, but from what I can tell from the other times I tried to DM for L, he's destined to kill everyone and everything in his path. Looking back, Dad was just following L's evil plans, but I can tell he was at least trying to play a character sometimes, instead of a bloodthirsty maniac like L decided to play. Looking back I could have done better, and maybe tried the classic "OP npc comes along to just happen to stray across the path of a murderhobo, and obliterates them" to whip L into shape. It was fun for what it was, but it's still my most stressful campaign I ever happened to run just because L felt like pulling the "Genocide Route" for my Good aligned demographic campaign and I was forced to improv an entirely different campaign than I had in mind. I was definitely in the wrong in some places here, but L was just crazy. And crazy is crazy. I don't know if I should have not helped L, helped him, or straight up thunderbolted this lunatic. Either way it was a learning experience for me. Thanks for reading. Maybe there's someplace I'm supposed to put these things. Sorry for text wall.
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2021.11.30 00:48 Supervideoman1563 Finally managed to track down all of Descending Stories thanks to r/mangaswap (Vol 7 and 8 we're particularly tricky!)

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2021.11.30 00:48 zbub88 This game never gets old!

After 200hrs of playing, I have a somewhat(?) stable(?) base :/
Kind of been a lot of additions as I go. The prison barracks at the bottom left is being moved and I'm making a totally separate prison just north. Cutting back on farm plots and making smaller strips/greenhouses instead. Also building a vault for silver and gold storage to the bottom left of my throne room, because why not?! I've been prepping for a large raid for this week.
Base as of Nov 29
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2021.11.30 00:48 Wellsobard_Thawne Elf portrait

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2021.11.30 00:48 TheCryptoBugLord Opened up shop this month. Bugs and crypto are my thing!

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2021.11.30 00:48 fargito1017 She was waiting for the 🍆

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2021.11.30 00:48 12_14 anyone else also cursing out the uc application portal

i've tried to submit my payment like 5 times TT can the website please start functioning again... like i expected it to be down eventually but cmon its not even the 30th
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2021.11.30 00:48 Ghost_Mochi How do I go about telling my mom?

This is gonna sound really stupid, but how do you go about telling your mom about your bf that you haven't had the opportunity to meet yet?
We have several years worth of history and I know him pretty well, as we've been talking for a long time and he has already told his mom and friends about me while I still have yet to.
I already know her stance on online relationships (friends, dating, etc) and she isn't too thrilled about the idea. But I know I have to stop beating around the bush and tell her at some point.
How do I handle this without her putting me down or yelling at me? :(
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2021.11.30 00:48 Paulpie Love my micro!

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2021.11.30 00:48 Successful-Ad6856 S7 Black Screen/ADB not working/Keys lit but not working when pressed together

Hello, S7 edge is unresponsive, black screen with keys that light and ocassionally it vibrates when using certain key combinations. HOWEVER, it does not enter in download mode by pressing down&home&power, it does not restart by pressing power, it does not do anything on any combination of keys apart from vibrating and also it does not restart using ADB Devices. ANY ideas? much appreciated 🙏🙏🙏
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2021.11.30 00:48 gettinglostonpurpose How to build encouragement and positive associations early

My barely 16 month old son has recently showed interest in the potty. Up until now, I’ve assumed potty training was at least 8+ months away. I got the Oh Crap book but haven’t read past the first few chapters yet. However, for the past week or so if I say that I need to go potty, LO will get excited, run to the bathroom, point to the toilet, open the lid and give me zero privacy to do my business. I don’t love the zero privacy aspect but I am happy to see him enthusiastic about the potty and if it’s possible to build on the momentum, I would like to. Is there is anything I can be doing to build the positive association?
Just for reference: If I notice him making his poop face and ask him if he is pooping, he will often say “yes” but he has never indicated that he understands what it means to be peeing. That’s the extent of communication we have at the moment with respect to the toilet.
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